Your building was designed for a different climate.

Building resiliency in a changing climate starts with an accurate view of the risks—and a plan to reduce them.

Quantify climate for informed commercial real estate decisions


Meet requirements for GRESB, TCFD, and other reporting platforms.

Transaction Due Diligence

Account for hidden climate costs before buying or selling.


Optimize portfolios, insurance strategy, and maintenance planning.

Stronger business intelligence.
Simplified planning.

Go beyond general climate-data scanning tools. Choose our analysis that predicts climate change effects on buildings and provides practical advice on what to do next.

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Submit your most recent Building Condition Assessment report.

Receive a report with calculated climate costs and a customized plan to reduce them.

Resiliency planning today starts with understanding tomorrow’s climate.

Identify both acute and chronic climate impacts.

See a timeline of immediate and long-term climate impacts.

Adapt with science and data-based mitigation plans.

What will a changing climate cost your building?

Climate Value at Risk (CVaR)
ClimateFirst factors the impacts of a changing climate into capital cost projections. Current building systems, designed and sized for a different climate, are now susceptible to breakdown and shortened lifespan due to severe and chronic weather conditions. Our Climate Value at Risk (CVaR) analysis of key building systems enables more accurate financial projections and long-term planning.

For this office tower in Miami, Florida, the total unaccounted CVaR is

Rely on established climate engineering and building science from the world’s leading experts.

ClimateFirst is based on RWDI’s extensive expertise in building science, sustainability consulting, and climate modeling for over 50 years. This unmatched expertise, and expansive databases, uniquely position RWDI to understand and quantify climate-risk exposure to buildings.

Measuring climate risks and costs has never been easier.

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